If you are reading this article, then you are interested in teaching esl (English as a second language), and are looking for more information on how to make that dream a reality. This article will cover 3 of the key steps that you need to take in order to move closer to your goal.

Become qualified

The first step is become qualified as a teacher of English. There are some very good and some poor certification processes that you can engage with online. Don't simply settle on the first one that you find. You need to find a company that will give you the skills and the certificate that you can turn into a career. One of the recognized authorizes in this market is TESOL. They are known to teaching boards all over the world, so you will have no issues with employment.

Know where you would like to teach

Once you are qualified, you can begin teaching esl. However, the next step is very important and should not be overlooked. Many people simply want to begin teaching right away and just want to find a school in another country. This is a very irrational method of approaching your career. It is important that you make a sensible choice of host country, based on your own preferences and desires.

There are some countries that may not fit with your ideals, beliefs and standards. As such, you need to do some research ahead of time, and find out what the country is like, and if you would enjoy your time there. Never accept a job without first knowing something about the culture, government and issues of the country.

Look for jobs online

The final step, once you have decided on a list of countries that suit you, is to begin searching for jobs online. There are many opportunities for teaching esl abroad, so you simply need to spend time and list out what is available. There are many forums, lists and dedicated websites for this purpose.

Again, TESOL is a very valuable resource when it comes to finding esl jobs online. They have a database this is updated regularly and will email new job opportunities to your inbox. There are also other ways to find jobs in your path toward teaching esl in a foreign country.

Take your time and weigh up the options that are open to you. Doing so will help you in teaching esl as a career.

You need a teachers certificate to work abroad

If you want to work as an English teacher abroad, then you need to have a teacher.s certificate. There are many ways that you can do this, and it does not always involve a university degree. There are now many ways to acquire the certificate online, with a number of very high quality companies offering the teachers certificate. One of the very best is TESOL. They are known in the industry as one of the leaders, as they provide professional training and also aid their members in finding jobs overseas once the course has been completed. If you are interested in finding out more, then you should visit the TESOL website.

Is a teachers certificate necessary?

There are those who claim that a teachers certificate is not needed in order to become an English teacher in other countries. They state that you simply need to be an English native speaker, and you can walk in to a job. This used to be true many years ago, but times have now changed. In any case, having specific training will make you far more confident and comfortable when you being to lead a classroom of students.

Find a reputable certificate

Unfortunately, there are some charlatans online, who will take your money and give you a worthless teaching certificate. If the certificate and qualification is not recognized by other schools and countries, then you will be no further forward. This is the reason that TESOL is recommend. They have years of experience, and their qualifications are recognized around the world. They have also supported thousands of new teachers in finding work overseas once the certification has been gained.

Preparation is very important

When aiming to find an English teaching job in another country, it is very important to study the country first. You need to know about the language, the culture and the customs that are present in your destination country. There may be certain countries that will not suit your beliefs, so you should avoid these. Also, if you have strong opinions on human rights, then certain countries should be avoided, as you may get into conflict with authorities. In all cases, do some background checks before you accept the job.


In summary, you should always have a teachers certificate before you go abroad in search of a teaching job. Next, you need to know where you want to go, and find out if the country and culture will suit you. From here, the world is yours, and you can move from one country to the next, teaching students all over the world.

Options for English jobs international

In the search for jobs international, there are many people who seek to teach English in foreign countries. There are many reasons for this, and teachers find the process very satisfying and rewarding.

There is certainly a great deal of pleasure that comes from teaching children from other countries and backgrounds about the joys of the English language. There are many benefits that teachers bestow on youngsters from other nations when they travel there to teach English as a second language. For example, students who are taught English in developing countries have far more opportunities when they enter the workplace. They can work for American companies as freelance workers and so forth.

Besides this, teachers themselves gain a major advantage from teaching jobs internationally. This is just as important for there own happiness and career. There is the chance to see foreign countries and travel to new locations on a regular basis. There is also the opportunity to learn about other cultures and to develop skills in a new language.

Becoming qualified to teach

Of course, you need to be qualified in order to teach in other countries. Schools, academies and private institutions require a certificate in order to show that you know the basics of the teaching profession. You can become qualified without going to university. One of the most professional companies who offer accredited qualifications, and online training is TESOL. You can search for this company via Google, and investigate them further.

Finding a teaching job online

You can find many jobs international and domestic online. As mentioned earlier, TESOL has a wide range of jobs listed for those who want to work in foreign schools. There are new updates each week and you can be notified of new vacancies.

You can also find overseas English teaching jobs yourself. There are many blogs, forums, feeds and newsletters, which are dedicated to finding English teacher's jobs in foreign countries. You can search for these websites online, or join certain communities that will keep you updated.

Assess your options

Before you accept jobs international, you need to assess your options and find out if the placement will really fit with your career ambitions and goals. Look to your long-term future and project where you want to be in 2 years time. Often you will find out something that seemed be ideal is not such a good fit when you project into your future. Consider the job in light of your whole career, and you will find a perfect teaching job in an international school.

How to find education employment with TESOL

If you are determined to be an English teacher, then you need to begin looking for education employment. As an English teacher, you have many options open to you and there are many ways to find a job that fits your desires, ambitions and lifestyle.

For example, many English teachers want education employment in foreign countries, as they enjoy travelling and helping young students to learn and develop their English language skills. There are thousands of people teaching English all over the world and you can become the next, if that is your goal.

If you would like a challenge and something different from your current job, then teaching English abroad is something that you should consider. The process is not as difficult as it may seem, as there are a number of companies online that help teachers to qualify and find work.

One of the most well known and most popular is called TESOL. This acronym stands for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages. They are a very professional organization that you can find online, and they ensure that all members have an excellent grasp of the teaching methods in the English language. Armed with this knowledge and experience, you can travel to any country that you choose and find a job. Many overseas employers look for a qualification from TESOL, as it is very well known and accredited.

When looking for an English teaching opportunity overseas, TESOL also helps teachers. They have an updated database of open jobs that you can apply for. They will also help with applications and career advice. There are many other teachers on the forum that have successfully completed jobs overseas, which means you can gain valuable advice from them.

There are many reasons to teach in another country, such as the prospect of developing your professional career in a completely new setting. You can also experience the atmosphere and environment of an international school, where you find many very motivated students. This is usually a pleasant surprise for many teachers.

Another personal highlight is that you get to improve your own language skills, as you need to apply and adapt to the different local language. You will find new ways to communicate ideas, which is very fulfilling.

If you are looking for education employment overseas, then use the TESOL website as a start. From there you can apply for many jobs and lead a very exciting lifestyle overseas.

Things you should know about English teaching employment

If you are looking for English teaching employment overseas, there are a number of factors that you should consider first. It is important that you don.t just take the first English teaching job that is offered to you. As more teachers are seeking to move abroad for a number of years, there is a lot of advice that you can gain from them. Here is some of best advice for would-be English teachers abroad.

Understand the language and culture of the host country

While you might be focused on your qualifications, you also need to spend time to understand the basics of the culture that you will be immersed in. Failure to do so will lead to a very difficult adjustment and could compromise your time in the foreign country. Every culture has different ways to doing things, and unless you get accustomed to them, you will find it hard to spend a lot of time there.

Likewise, knowing a little of the language will really help you to fit in and give you less challenges. Simple words and phrases are enough, and will enable you to get around and enjoy the experience much more.

Know what opportunities are available

It is best to have a good understanding of the opportunities involved in English teaching employment overseas. One of the best places to find opportunities is TESOL, as they offer a career counsel guidebook, which gives you many of the options you should consider. They also have a very strong community of helpful and smart teachers, who have been abroad and can share their experiences with you. You can find many overseas English jobs listed on this website.

See what jobs are available

You can use Google, Facebook and community forums in order to find teaching employment overseas. There are now hundreds of teaching jobs posted each month and you simply need to keep your eyes open. Remember to also use the TESOL website, as they update some of the best overseas teaching jobs on a regular basis.


Finding English teaching employment is not as difficult as some people imagine. There are many shortcuts in the process, and ways to ensure that you find the most reputable and worthwhile teaching jobs abroad. Use the tips given above to get started and remember to use the TESOL website, as it will give you a much more in-depth account of what is available and how to apply.

From Teaching Qualifications to Finding Teacher Vacancies Online

There are many people now looking to teach English in foreign countries. There are many reasons for this, but this article is going to focus on finding teacher vacancies. Simply put, the easier and most efficient means of finding teacher vacancies is through the internet. Here you have a plethora of options, but not all are created equal. This article will cover the most credible places to look for English teacher vacancies in foreign schools.

TESOL qualifications

If you are not yet qualified, then TESOL is usually the best place to begin. You will find many success stories and high praise for TESOL as an organization. They are very professional and will help you through every step of the way. Unlike other companies who issue certificates, TESOL also help you to find teacher vacancies once you are qualified. This makes the process much easier and helps you to get started with your career almost instantly.

Search by individual countries

If you are clear on which country you would to teach in, then search for schools in that country. There are usually governing bodies of each country, and the website will list a range of schools in that country. You can then contact each of the schools and present your C.V.

Search community boards

One of the best places to find teacher vacancies for English teachers aboard is with community boards. These can be in the form of blogs, forums or social media profiles. There are many online, and they will list a range of jobs that have recently become available. The advantage here is that the jobs are posted from all over the world, by other teachers or those who know teachers. This cuts down on the slew of poor English teaching jobs that can exist elsewhere online.

Find current teachers abroad

There are many teachers currently working in foreign countries who keep social media profiles. It is worth contacting these teachers about teacher vacancies, as they may know of current or upcoming jobs. This is like going straight to the primary source of information and it works very well.

Finding jobs in schools overseas

When you begin to look for English teaching jobs in schools (in foreign countries), the process can be seem intimidating. However, with the internet at your side, the process can be fun, enjoyable and much smoother than you imagined. In this article, you will find a number of methods to find an English teaching job overseas.

Use Google

Google is always a great place to begin your search. You will immediately find a number of communities online that help people such as you. There are many websites that list new overseas English teaching jobs. You will soon see the huge range of jobs available and what qualifications are required.


TESOL is a professional organization that helps English teachers to become qualified and then find jobs in school overseas. If you are not yet qualified, then you should use TESOL as they are the one of the best. They have many jobs listed on their website and you can also subscribe to their email updates in order to be notified of new jobs. This is a great place to begin the process of finding a job suited to your career goals and travel preferences.

Find other teachers who worked overseas

Using the internet to find English teachers who have taught (or are still teaching) overseas is an invaluable process. There are many English teachers who are currently overseas who update a personal blog. This lists there experiences and highlights the many insights that are gained from working overseas (both good and bad). They are usually linked to current working opportunities also. This is a very useful place to search for jobs in schools overseas.

Start small

One of the best ways to begin the process, and discover if teaching English is really for you, is to start small. This means taking an English job in a foreign country for 6 months. This is a very small duration of time, and you know that you will be returning home on a specified date. This will give you the experience of working and living in a foreign country and should enable you to make a decision about your future career.


Finding jobs in schools overseas is not such a difficult process, but you need to go through the various steps listed above. Doing so will enable you to find a placement that really fits with your goals and personality. Remember that TESOL is a great place to begin your search.

Factors to consider before getting a foreign teaching job

Gaining a teachers job is something that many people strive toward. An English teaching job is a very satisfying and rewarding career, and in recent years, it has allowed teachers to travel all over the world. If you are interested in travelling to Asia, Africa or Europe in order to teach English, then read this article for a number of tips on how to get started.

The first tip that you need to take seriously is to ensure that you are happy to live away from home. Remember that you will be living and working in a foreign country, which can take some time to acclimatize to. Everyone has a different rate of getting accustomed to a new culture, and the time it takes you to acclimatize will depend on your character and personality.

Relevant degree

While there are many stories on the Internet about how people simply walk in to English teaching job overseas, this is becoming less common. As the number of English teachers (who want to work abroad) increases, the foreign schools and institutes have a much broader choice of applicants. Obviously, they are going to interview and hire the best teacher (with the highest levels of qualifications). This means that you need to have some formal training before you book your airline ticket. One of the best places to learn and become qualified is TESOL. You can find out more about this company online, simply by searching in Google.

Having an active mind

If you are closed-minded to other cultures and different methods of working and socializing, then you should think twice before getting a teaching job abroad. There are many people who simply don.t want to integrate in to a foreign culture. If you know that you have a similar mindset, then realize that you will find it difficult to make friends and enjoy the experience.

Finding English teaching jobs abroad

Once you have been through the steps above, you need to start looking for jobs. This is the most exciting part of the process as you will find out what options are available to you. There are dozens of countries to choose from, and many different areas within those countries. For example, there are many schools in Thailand that require English teachers, but you have the option to work in a city school (such as Bangkok) or find something more rural.


Use the tips given in this article before you even begin to look for teacher.s jobs overseas. You will gain clarify and know the path you should take.

Tips on Teaching Positions Overseas

If you are ready to move overseas and find English teaching positions, then you should be ready for a great adventure. There are many surprises and experiences that await you, and some that will shock you. However great this experience is, it should not be taken lightly. There are many considerations to make and these are going to be covered in this article. After reading, you should have a much clearer idea of why you are teaching and what it means for your long-term career.

What is your ideal location?

Before choosing to accept an offer and teach English abroad, you need to have listed where you would ideally like to go. If you reverse the process, then you will set yourself up for problems down the road. It is great to move to a foreign country, but you need to know why you want to go there. Having this clear in your mind will alleviate many of the fears and obstacles that you are going to face. Use the TESOL website in order to see what teaching positions are open to you (as they have a very good list of opening and offer accredited certificates).

How long do you want to stay in one country?

There are so many teaching positions that you can find in foreign countries, so you need to decide how long you plan to stay in one location. Once you travel away from home, you have the chance to keep moving and teaching in new locations. For example, if you fly from America to South East Asia, you could feasibly begin in China, move to Vietnam, move to Thailand and then move onto Indonesia. All the while, you could experience new opportunities to teach a range of students. However, you need to plan a basic route ahead of time, so that you are clear on your intentions.

Are you ready to move?

Be sure that you are ready to move away from your country of birth. Take a short trip first in order to know that you will not become home sick.

Have you searched for jobs for more than one month?

When looking for teaching positions overseas you need to spend at least one month looking. This will give you a very broad idea of what is on offer, and what you can choose from. There might be an inclination to cut short this process, but don.t give in to it. Knowing what options you have is important, in case you run into trouble, or need to leave your first job quickly. Again, you can use TESOL in order to search and find new teaching positions on a regular basis.

Advice For Foreign Language Teaching

Teaching English to non-English speakers is a career that can last a lifetime. It is also a career that could take a teacher all around the world. These days there are many English teachers who travel as far as South-East Asia in order to teach, and they get to also learn about the huge variety of cultures around the world.

For many, foreign language teaching is a dream job, as it can entail their two greatest passions: teaching English and travelling to distant lands. Obviously, it makes sense to be realistic and understand the nature of the job, so this article will cover the basic process and explain what you need to know.

Beware of bad advice

There are some people who claim that you don.t need to have any qualifications in order to teach English abroad. While this may be true in a very small number of locations, this is generally not good advice to follow. A few years ago, any native English speaker could quickly get a teaching job abroad, but the professional has now changed and evolved. These days, employers look for the best teachers, so those with degrees and qualifications will be chosen first.

If you plan to follow a career in foreign language teaching, it makes sense to stack things in your favor from the outset. One of the very best places to gain a world-recognized qualification in teaching is TESOL. As well as the qualification, they also offer experienced advice and a range of English teaching jobs that may interest you. This leads to the next factor that should be considered at length.

Preparation to work in a foreign country

While the dream of working in a foreign country may seem without negatives now, there are many teachers who have quickly returned to their home country. This generally happens because they were not fully prepared for the cultural differences and could not adjust to the different mode of operation. It is very important that you look and study the country and school/ academy that you will teach in.

Your employer should give you all the information that you need in order to make a thoughtful decision. If you don.t have enough information ahead of time, then you need to ask for it. Never take a job without first knowing what lies in store for you.

Finding a teaching job

One of the best ways to find a foreign language teaching job is with TESOL. They have many job updates and you can explain what you are looking for, where you would prefer to teach, and you can even speak with teachers who have been to the country you are considering.

There are many foreign language teaching jobs out there, and you can certainly create a career for yourself. It just takes some patience and a good deal of research first.

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